Sunday, July 12, 2009

Hybie goes to Warholic Vampire * Vintage Love and comes out a winner!!!

I love to shop backwards. I type in a keyword and then go to the end of the list. I find the shops with the lowest traffic and hit those first. Several reasons of course, one being I like to support the small business owner and second it's possible not everyone will be walking around in the same outfit I just purchased.

Tonight was no different. I wanted to find some handpainted skins and I wanted to find a skin shop I've never been in before. Oh, I also wanted to find a place that didn't use another skin mods. Dog bless them but enough is enough already.

What did I find? Well I found a shop called Warholic Vampire * Vintage Love Main Store owned by LillyLoo Allen. The shop is just as it states, it has some gothic/vampire attire on one side, vintage/retro clothing on the other and smack dab in the middle it has skins.

I won this outfit called Bloody Lady in the lucky chair. The lucky chair that is set to only 2 mins making your odds of winning go up considerably. The prims on this outfit are modifiable and thats good cause it needed a little adjusting to fit right. You can find this for sale in the store too for only 150L.I kinda felt like Minnie Mouse in this vintage outfit called Vintage Love _Polka Muse aka Mrs. Dean. Oh this cute outfit was so 50L cheap!!! Although the prim for the skirt is well, a little hard to work with. It moves all funky, I think it might be attached to the wrong spot or something. Anyways, there are other really cute and totally cheap retro outfits there too.So yea, the reason for the trip...the skin!!! This skin is called Dolly Blush. I like it, it's a nice soft skin, it's not overly realistic looking but it's also not that crayola skin we see so often. If I could change anything about it it would be the harsh shading around the nose and bridge of nose and possibly soften the shading around the lips too. Other than that, if you are looking for a nice cheap skin that isn't hardcore photorealistic...go to Warholic Vampire * Vintage Love and pick out a skin for only 199L. You dont get a choice in different makeups. The skins you see in the picture is the skin you are gonna get, you can't choose different eye shadows and lip color etcetc. But, in their defense, they have a lot of different makeup styles to choose from.

Survey says......Win!!!!

Warholic Vampire * VintageLove :

Bloody Lady~ 150L also in lucky chair.


Dolly Blush Skin~199L

Hair = Maitreya Faye - Ash Blonde.

Shape = Margo Savoir Faire Shapes

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