Sunday, July 12, 2009

Free things found Hybie and Hybie was pleased.

There isn't anything better than logging in and having freebies from the DSN waiting for you to click accept on.
I didn't want to upset anyone so of course I clicked accept to three lovely gifts. I mean who am I to go against the laws of Freebiedom? And, wtf else am I gonna blog about?

What did I get? Well I got two outfits and a skin...woohoo!!
First up, a cute dress called Hot House Flower::Wilted Rose from Ingenue (-A naive, innocent girl or young woman- for those I always hear say "wtf does that do you say that word?" In my best french accent...aww zhe noo.) Ahem, moving on...Its a cute dress but I have one complaint....the prim for the bust. Yes, it's modifiable but it's not easy to mod because either you have the front sticking out way too far or the boobies pop through. My advice, make sure you are wearing a MOD shape so you can take the boobies down to about 30. That's where I took mine and it worked out well. I really do love this dress though and I can't wait to do the funky chicken in it. Someone invite me to a SL wedding so I can wear this dress and do the funky chicken!!Another cute skin for Hybie!! This one is called Sookie (reminds me I need to watch True Blood) from Cyanide. I like the boob shading, it makes them look pushed together like you're wearing a really great push up bra. I don't like the feet and will not wear any heels that show the toes. The toes on this skin are really really blurry. Now I'm no skin maker and my hats off to anyone who is half way decent at it. But still, let's clean up those toes. Also, there is a bit of some odd shading on the inner thighs..but the seams are great and the skin is delicate so HI5! Seriously though, I really like this skin and I'm two shakes of a lambs tail from heading to the shop to see what other skins they have. When I look at the dress above I instantly think of something a girl used to always say in middle school. "You're so far in the mustard you can't ketchup". I couldn't agree more. I'm digging the idea of the dress, I'm not digging the color. I wonder if they have it in black? Anyways, this outfit is called Jasmine-Tangerine (lies it's totally mustard) from Studio M. It's a cute dress, it's not really my style but it isn't about me now is it? No, I'm here for you..yes you! So, if you like cute bubble skirts and mustard and flowers well then this is the dress for you!!

Ok, that's all I have for tonight...I'm going to go find an illegal upload of True Blood on the internet now.
Love, Hybie

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  1. where is the hair form I like hat very much :))