Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Vita Bella goes all oxymoronic

Looking for a unique cocktail dress? Check out the dress sent over from *Vita Bella*. Specializing in retro/vintage clothing, you can find an array of great designs. They offer lingerie to elegant formal wear and even a few costumes.

Below is a nice dress called Devilishly Devine for 280L that at first glance this wouldn't be a dress I would purchase, but as I'm wearing it longer and longer Im really loving it. It's very unique, I've not seen anything like it in SL. I kind of feel like a jetson in it, I think the bustle gives it a some what futuristic vibe yet still having a retro feel to it, oxymoronic dressware!! It's the kind of dress that you could wear to any occasion I think. Survey says: Well done! I can easily see why this is the designers favorite outfit. It's fun and flirty and I certainly love it.

Looking for a nice free gown? Aren't we all? Join the subscribomatic at *Vita Bella* and receive this beautiful emerald gown called Moonlight Serenade. I love the color, it's so rich. This is a gown to turn heads and capture hearts, especially with the back of this dress, take a look!

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