Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I <3 the Starlust

Starlust the bestest sim eva!! Apparently we had x-mas in august and the vendors gave out gifts to one another. Like a potluck without the food. I wanted to blog some of the goodies even though the general public cant get some of the items shown. But, doesn't mean you slackers cant get other goodies from the stores!

The skin is from SINdecade, it's the Fluke line in smokey makeup. I like the eyes they are smexy. This line is not out YET. It will be so look for that.

The outfit is from This is a fawn. It's called the Francophile and I didn't see it out for sale at her store. BUT, I did see other really cute dresses and I suggest you go check them out! Do eet!

The hair is called Hair 016 from Wot? and its a brand new release costing only 100L. The shoes are also from wot? and they are on sale as well for only 80L. Check out the freebies here too they are super cute. Do eet!

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