Thursday, August 6, 2009

Mohna Lisa broke free from the plain black dress

Fall is around the corner and with fall comes masquerade balls and winter wonderland dances. We search the grid feverishly for the perfect gown. We want beautifully jeweled fabric that flows so delicately in the wind. We want dresses that twirl and swirl so elegantly like a ballerina performing Romeo and Juliet. We want, essentially, the wow factor when we walk into a room.

Wow is the first thing that came out of my mouth when I tried on the gowns sent over from Mohna Lisa of Mohna Lisa Couture.
I was so impressed with her dresses I wasn't even sure how I was going to convey that to my readers. I'll give it a shot and you can see for yourselves.

First Dress: Bejewelled Black: New Release 599L
This is a new release that comes in three different styles. The First Picture is the Bejewelled Black Sexy. I couldn't agree more, from the high cut waist showing miles of leg to the low cut bust showing all the other goods you simply can't go wrong with this gorgeous jewelled gown. The textures are amazing, the seams are great and feather boas are to die for. I cannot wait for an event that calls for fantastic cause I'm there and I'm wearing this gown! The Second Picture is the Bejewelled Black Sensual gown. It is the same as the first gown with some small differences. You still get the same high leg line but only on one side instead of both. For those of you who might be a little bit more conservative this would be the style for you although it does come in a third style called Elegant which has a full skirt and just a little bit of leg showing. What else can I say about this gown, as you can see with your own eyes it's simply amazing and I think a must have for any gown enthusiast.

The Second Dress is called Eva and is cost 599L.

This alluring dress is called Eva. It's a beautiful gown with sequins and lace. The dress has been designed to dance with you. I'm assuming that means it looks awesome when you dance. It comes with several scarfs and it would seem that you can change up the way you wear the gown. That's how I did it at least. The first pic I wore two scarfs around the hips and only the train.The second picture I wore the full dress and only the scarf around the shoulders. It looks gorgeaous either way and I adore how the dress stays raised up on the train. It gives the gown a mermaid feel. It comes in three different colors: Blue (shown), Red and Black. Again another fine gown with the upmost attention to detail. The textures are great on this one too. I'm so pleased.

Head to Mohna Lisa Couture to see other wonderful gowns and dresses.

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