Sunday, June 14, 2009

Martinis In The Morning

The first time I went to Retrology back in the summer of 2008 I thought I had found heaven. I was so happy to see hot rods and vintage stores. I went to that sim many times just to walk around and look at all the pretties. As the year passed I made it there less and less until recently I wondered if the sim was still there. To my surprise, it was. Also to my surprise was the traffic was really low. It made me sad.

It was time for an adventure. I stepped out of my beefed up, manly car and took a moment to look at my surroundings.
Not much had changed since the last time I had been there except a few new stores. Because I hadn't been there in so long, I thought I owed it to the sim to hang out for a bit and see what I could get into.

I read a book outside the local music shop.After reading I walked along and had a bit of ice cream. Mmmm, icecream.

Took a break from exploring to watch the passerby's.

After a long day of shopping, exploring and icecream; it was time to head home. I juiced up my vehicle of pure sex and hit the road totally happy with my blast from the past.

What did I find at Retrology?

Donna Flora Marlene Hair Dirty Blonde 200L (New)
Ingenue Natalie Sky 250L (New)

What else am I wearing?
Ashes to Ash's Clear Green Eyes (DNS Gift)
Cupcakes Celebrity/Honey/Halo Skin (250L Gift Bag=1 makeup in each skin tone)
House Of Nyla Pearl Drop Necklace (part of santa's naughty lil helper outfit)
Taboo Paris Sandels Snake 249L (the HUD makes it very easy to match up your skin tone to the prim toes)
SavoirFaireShapes Gwen Special Edition Shape 1500L

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