Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday and Freebies and Pretties...OH MY!

Having a case of the Mondays? I insist you find the nearest DSN Board and click it. It looks like this:
I clicked it for the first time a week ago and everyday I get free gifts from designers. There are several catagories to choose from which is nice especially for men. It's doubtful that men want free female outfits, of course, I could be totally wrong about this.

The catagories I chose are female fashions and skins and hair. Some of the gifts I've received are nice and those that may not be my cup of tea I simply delete. I'm one of those people who are appreciative of anything someone puts time into even if I may not like it. I never complain when it comes to free gifts. So thank you to all of the designers who participate in the Designer Showcase Network.

Speaking of thanks, I would like to give a big thanks to ~L&S~ who sent out the Illyria Medieval Gown. I about fell over when I unpacked this dress and put it on. Immediately I thought of how many pictures I was gonna go take in it and below is the first one of many to come.

Even if Medieval Gowns aren't your thing, you can't deny that this dress makes for a pretty picture.

So, like I said, find the nearest DSN Vendor and for God's sake click it!

What is Hybie wearing?

Uw.St Julie-Hair Type A size L red brown (Freebie) from UNCLEWEB

Lara Skins-Skin Rachel Pale (Freebie) from Lara Skins

Shape: Ashley Shape (new 500L) from ~Savoir Faire Shapes~

Illyria Medieval Gown (DSN GIFT) from ~L&S~

Picture taken at Where The Wild Things Are

Love, Hybie

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