Friday, June 12, 2009

So kiss me I'm shit faced!!

Today started the Car Wash Cake Hunt to celebrate the one year anniversary on the sim and I was there!

Being that I have a "skin problem" anytime I find a gift that has a skin in it, it's the first thing I open and wear. I was so happy with the skin from GeEs Designs especially since it matched the wonderful light cocoa hair I got from ::69:: when they had their 50% off sale. I was so there, were you??

Anyways, the skin made me so happy I merrily skipped along, hit the bar, sang some tunes all croon style.......

Got so tanked I peed in an alley.......................................

and found myself too drunk to tp home that I ended up under a bus stop waiting for a ride.

Regardless of my drunken endeavor, I still looked pretty because of my new skin. :D


  1. let's not ignore the fact that im pissing like a man!

  2. That was pretty impressive. And yet you look elegant at the same time...that's some talent...

  3. yes and I didnt even piddle on myself...I have talent for peeing standing up!

    The boobs are lovely arent they!!