Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Hybie gets LDizzy over vintage clothes and lives to tell about it.

I love vintage, I especially love finding small boutiques you rarely hear about that has vintage attire. It's the best. I was super happy when LDizzy sent over a new release of hers and an older release for review. LDizzy is one of those small shops in SL you gotta search out but when you do it's like totally worth it.

One of her new releases is called LDizzy Fionna Dress and cost 300L. It's a vintage floral print dress with black fur around the shoulders, floral print gloves and open front skirt. Very unique pattern and nice side seams. A wonderful vintage formal gown. Makes me want to smoke cigarettes again but with an extra long cigarette holder, something Audrey Hepburn would use. I would suggest wearing a shorter hair style to avoid alpha glitch. You can take this outfit in a different direction by simply wearing the top, pants and skirt for a more casual look, there are so many options with this dress. I thought a hat would look nice with this gown so I put on my Mika feather hat with veil 'demimonde' in black.

The second dress is LDizzy Ruby dress from her last collection costing 300L. Im a big fan of these kinds of dresses. I think the style is timeless. And of course anything with an asian flair is ok in my book. The top comes with two options, open and closed. Wear it with or without the nylons. This is a nice dress, it has a fuzzy feel to it like almost velvety. The side seams are a tad off but the only folks noticing those things are the ones who go looking for them. The back of the dress is nice, showing off the top part of the back letting my rocking tattoo show through. Take this dress even sexier by just wearing the open top and the panties with the stockings. ohh la la.

Check out other great vintage clothes at LDizzy. I would! ;P

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