Monday, August 3, 2009

Where for out thou groom?

(Disclaimer: this blog is picture heavy)

I've never reviewed wedding gowns before, so when Elease Graves of Unmentionable sent over 3 weddings gowns I was super excited to try them on. I knew from being in her store whatever she sent was going to be beautiful, and I was right.

The first gown is called Celebrity Bridal Gown and it cost 795L. It is no mod/no copy/trans ok. It comes with a resizer script although I did not need to use it for the gown fit perfectly. My jaw dropped when I put on this gown. This is absolutely gorgeous. The white bridal gown comes with corset top, flexi gown, celebrity bow, roset veil (attaches to chin) and original train. The detail and time put into this gown is evident. It's nice to see beautiful bridal gowns that aren't over the top.

The second gown I tried on is called Rhi Bridal Gown and it cost 795L. It's no mod/no copy/trans ok as well. It too comes with a resizer script which was also not needed. Never has a gown made me want to get married more than this dress right here. The off white vintage color screams "wear me hybie!" Would it be wrong to wear a gown like this and not get married in SL? Oh my god where to start. First the detail is amazing the roset waist adds an elegant, rich look to the gown. Actually, the whole gown is just rich and elegant looking. From the roset veil with it's delicate fabric to the mile long train marinated in silk and lace this dress might be the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in SL. I never want to take it off...ever.

The third gown I tried on is called Anessa Bridal Gown. It cost 795L is no mod/no copy/trans ok and also comes with the resizer script which of course was not needed either. Again another classic wedding gown from Unmentionable. This too has the vintage/off white color I so adore. I love the design in the flexi gown and train, even though this is the simpliest of the three gowns for some reason the texture on this dress pops out more than the other two. I like how the top sits on the bust, it's sexy but not too revealing. This also has the shortest train of the three gowns shown and a simpler veil. It has a beautiful satin bow on he back too. It's a nice dress for someone looking for a classic gown yet still wanting a dress that's not all over the place.

If there is only one thing I could change about the last two gowns, it would be that they were modifiable. At the bottom of the train you can see some of the texture on the edge of the trains. I would put a blank texture there to cover that up. But, these gowns are so long that honestly it's not a problem, that part of the dress is going to end up sunk in the ground a bit making it unnoticiable. The only reason I saw it was because I was lifted up off the ground.

So if you or anyone you know is getting married and you want a fantastical gown at a reasonable price head to Unmentionable, you won't be sad that you did.

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