Friday, July 17, 2009

This little Piggy went weee weee wee all the way to Gaylord!

Ever wandered the grid looking for geeky/nerdy clothing? Good, I'm glad I'm not alone. Apatia Hammerer has perfected dorkdom with her shop called Pig. Here you can find clothes ranging from polos to unisex-v neck shirts to suspender socks and all at a very reasonable price. This wonderful peice above is the Pig- Cardigan and it comes in so many different colors all with really fun names like "Walter? No no...It's Nancy Now" to "Life is a 1978 video game". You can get a single cardigan for 150L or a fat pack for 2k. If you are a skank like me you can wear it alone and show a little nipple or wear a plain ol' t-shirt underneath. A fairly new release from Pig, this adorable dress is called Pig-Retroesque and it comes in 4 different colors called Erin Blue, Moss, Carnelian and Dark Grey. you can purchase this for 100L each or buy a fat pack for 300L and save yourself 100L. The top above reminds me of bowling and how can you not love bowling!! These tops are called Lost in Mississippi and range in colors from Ketchup/Teal to Salmon/Brick to Mustard/Green and only cost 110L, I didn't see a fat pack for this item :( . This is a unisex item as are most of the things in her store. The prim cuffs and collar come in male and female version. This new release from Pig is called "Ladies like Flowers" and I couldn't agree more. This is such a fun shirt that can be worn with so many different things. I mean, look how f'n cute I look!! This top is super cheap only costing 95L or get a fatpack for 1650L. The fatpacks seem like a lot but seriously you get 20 shirts in them.

Above is a lovely top called Masculine Gingham which comes in 13 different colors costing only 110L a peice or a fatpack for 1200L. It kinda make me feel like Daisy from Dukes of Hazard and that is win!

Visit Pig Main Shop @ Gaylord-Starlust Extended sim today!!!

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