Saturday, July 18, 2009

New releases @ Blue Blue

Blue Blood - is an expression from the Spanish phrase "sangre azul," indicating noble birth or descent or it could mean the album by X Japan.
Whatever the meaning behind Blue Blood it doesn't begin to define how giving Ghanima Uriza is.

A few days ago I walked into Tacky Star to find Aura Falta, Miss Ghanima and her friend hanging out. We had a chat and then all the suddenly I found myself receiving every newly released fatpack she had in the store, or so it seemed. So I thought I would share with you some of the new pretties you can find at Blue Blood below. This new release is called Freedom and cost only 300L. Shown above is the dress in Red and Black but you can also get this dress in Teal, Pink and Purple. A few of the prims needed adjusting on the skirt but it was pretty easy to do but could be difficult for beginners, just make sure you make a copy first and thankfully the skirt is mod and copy. I absolutely love the short train on the back, there's nothing like a good bubble butt.Above is Ann in Teal and Pink and is also 300L. This also comes in different colors. I didn't need to do any adjusting on this outfit and that was nice. I think this outfit has a futuristic vibe to it, wouldn't you agree?I can see a lot of androgenous folk loving this outfit called Chastity. This is also 300L and comes in different colors. Shown above is the outfit in Ocre and Red. I kind of had issue with the prims at the bottom of the pants, they lined up fine but I think maybe the textures didn't match completely. It could have just been the highliting on the prims themselves. Either way, it looks good with the prims and without the prims wearing knee high boots. Fantastic outfit that I know will be in regular rotation.Every goth girls wet dream is all i can say about the outfit above called Sublime. This too is only 300L. I love the netted lining underneath the main fabric of the skirt. It gives it a girly, delicated feeling. This netting can be found on the Freedom outfit as well. It's just a great detail. Shown above is the outfit in Black and Purple. The shirt layer comes with the option to have long sleeves or short sleeves, you know, in case you have any rad tattoos you wanna show off.

Last but not least is Rebellious in Pink and Teal. This too is 300L and comes different colors. The skirt needed minimal adjusting around the belted area and wasn't too difficult. Again could be problematic for those new to adjusting prims but always remember to make copies first. I love this outfit, I think it's super cute and super girly and it has that lovely netting underneath.

Thank you again to Ghanima Uriza of Blue Blood for the fantastical gifts! Go check out her shop for more wonderful outfits.

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