Tuesday, July 28, 2009

How Vicious is your Sid?

Headed to Emery today to check out some of their new items after they sent out a notecard through fashcon. The notecard caught my eye because there was a shirt that had Sid Vicious on it. If you don't know who that is...google it. I don't have the time or energy to talk about punk rock right now. Anywho, needless to say I purchased a couple of their new releases there. This is a two peice with the shirt in all layers and highwaisted jeans. The top comes in three version but I chose the Sid and Nancy version cause I'm a sucker for romance. I'm digging these jeans hardcore. The shirt is great as well. I might have to go back and get the other two versions.
The outfit above I had some serious high hopes for but the skirt if not made of win unfortunately. It was the other outfit that was in the notecard and it looked fantastic. I couldn't get the prim part of the skirt to work at all. It would leave a big gap in between my legs in certain poses and then when I walked it would bop back and forth coming out the sides of my legs. No bueno. I'm loving the Prince top though and will probably wear it with the super kick ass jeans from the other picture posted. Oh well, we can't always have a fantastical shopping experience all the time. If anyone can make this skirt work, let me know how you did it. I want to love this outfit.

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