Monday, July 27, 2009

Shameless Store Plug :D

What's new at Savoir Faire Shapes? Welp, since the summer is pretty slow for most ppl, I haven't put out tooooooo many shapes this summer. But I'm pretty happy with the few that I have released. I'm wearing them all on a regular basis. Here are a few of my regular favs this summer.This is the Margo shape. She's average height (average for SL that is). I wear her a lot and with many different skins. If there is one thing I hate, it's shapes that are made for specific skins. I mean, I don't wear the same skin everyday so I need shapes that look good no matter what I'm wearing. You pick up what I'm throwing down? Above is the Kayla Shape. My neice was the inspiration behind this one. I love this shape. It's very womanly without being a total stripper. Natural curves is more like it. This shape will go out and eat a cheeeseburger with you. Last but not least is Megan. I havent taken her off since I made her. She is a little bit taller and toned than the last two shapes. She is more the swimsuit model of the three here. I really enjoy the face. The eyes are the best, granted the skin worn helps but still very interesting eyes.

As with all my shapes these comes with three shapes. You get a regular shape, a skirt shape and a different sized breast shape. All Mod/Copy and all with Style Cards.

Come in and try on a demo too. All shapes have demos...that's right....demos.

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