Friday, June 12, 2009

Holy crap!!! My first blog!

As with almost anything in my life, I've once again hopped on the short bus that is blogdom too late, but at least I've managed to make it to school. Old School that is!!

I'm getting ahead of myself. A good friend of mine says every time she sees me, I look different. I couldn't agree more. I change my hair, skin and shape as much as a virgin changes her mind about whether or not she will lose her virginity at prom to the guy she has sat next to during 3rd period lunch for the past three years. Moving on.

Lately, I've been on this rockabilly/nerd kick. I break out my splendiferous shapes from SavoirFaireShapes, go with my fantastical glasses from SpexXs MainStore ;
throw on my new gambling tattoo from ALL STYLE TATTOOS and go coocoo for cocoa puffs over one of the older hair styles (/artilleri/mariya*brown w light blonde) from /Artilleri/ .

Lemme just post a pic before you crap yourself.

I love these glasses. I love the price only 50L. I want to make babies with them! I only purchased one pair but I'm totally going back to SpexXs MainStore as soon as my lazy butt gets motivated to purchase more, such a great variety of sUpAsTaR glasses to choose from!! Go there now!!! NOW!!

The Tattoo called "Gambling" is a new one from ALL STYLE TATTOOS and it's only 100L. It's got a tattoo on the back too, but I only showed the front because basically I'm a slacker.

OH! The skin! How can I forget about the skin? I'm not sure how long this 2L skin has been available in the store, but as of yesterday it was still there hidden amongst the skins on the wall. Did I mention it was only 2L? It's called :::L'ORING Sophia O4B, get it here: LAZOLLI (kind of sounds like an Italian dish no?)

SavoirFaireShapes is where you can find this awesome shape called Delilah. She is totally koot. Love her like I do.

Thanks for reading my first blog...I hope you weren't too terribly bored.

I can't tell you what to expect from my blog, I'm just on a roll with a side of slaw with this thing.

Love, Hybie

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