Thursday, July 14, 2011

Dear Linden Lab...Stop with the face lights!

Dear Linden Lab,

I GREATLY appreciate you putting my shop Savoir Faire Shapes in the destination guide, I truly do! So I don't want to come off as being an ungrateful twit when I say this. 
Having your new staff member wear one of my demos to retake a picture in my store to use in the Destination Guide when that staffer looks like they came out of SL circa 2006 does my shop a disservice and Second Life a disservice. You set forth a lot of requirements in submitting a location so the least you can do in return is make sure that your staff look presentable and up to date too. I was so excited to see my place added to the guide but then when I saw the picture I submitted wasn't used, well, I wasn't that excited anymore. Seriously, I mean no offence to the Linden who took the time to come and add my place but this look does my business no justice. If I were a customer I wouldn't come to my shop after seeing this picture as I often don't when the pictures or avatars look outdated.

and for dog's sake...stop wearing face lights!!

<3  Hybie 


  1. First, congratulations on being added to the Destination Guide!

    Second, I don't understand why the Lindens haven't updated themselves as well! Every time I go to log into the website and see the video for new comers, I shake my head. It's a bad advertisement of what avatars, now-a-days, actually look like! Compared to other grids/virtual worlds, the way SL is being presented makes it look outdated. (I probably sound vain, but c'mon! like you said, a lot of the avies look like they are circa 2006!)

    Thirdly, we need to burn face lights in the middle of a stadium like they burned disco albums and bras back in the day. :)

    Congrats again!

  2. This is what comes of firing all the experienced Lindens? Or is this what I call a "nooboldbie"? Sheesh, talk about bad press. I was going to add my shop but at this rate! ARG!!! Leonie

  3. Like I said, I don't wanna sound like an ungrateful twit..I do really love that they did add it and I suppose something is better than nothing, that being said they really need to be a little more up to date. They represent LL. If they don't care to "mesh" themselves with the rest of the grid...why should new members care?

  4. I was so excited about my store/sim desitination being in the guide but grimaced the second I saw the Linden Model wasn't even wearing anything from my store. You gotta wonder what they are thinking or even they even really care at the Lab.

  5. From the appearance of most of their avatars...I would guess no.