Sunday, August 9, 2009

Rotten Toe makes tutu's for youyou and meme.

New tutus out from Rotten Toe called Scene Skull & Crossbones Tutu and Scene Starlette Tutu each 180L. Both versions come with two different styles like the dark version and the bright version. They also come with a resizer script and color changing script. You can change the color of the ribbon, the underlying mesh, the skulls and stars, and the mesh overlay. There are tons of colors to choose from so you could essentially wear this with any colored top. It's a good deal on a tutu you can get so much use out of. You can also add glow to the skirt for you ravers out there. These are really well made tutus, I should know, I have a lot of tutus. I went through a phase...don't ask. If you head there, make sure you check out the wall of deals. That's not the official name but that is what I am calling it. It's a bunch of really awesome outfits for really cheap. You'll find ballet outfits, lolita dresses, ringmaster pants and much more. The prices on the wall range from 20L to 50L. I think there might be one outfit that is 190L. Below is a couple tops I got from that section. They are called Infected Satin Shirt costing 30L each.

Also wearing:
Skin from Nikita Frida (lucky chair)
Hair from Truth (Gloria-Treacle)
Pants from Last Call-Kamryn Tuxedo Pants (rip Ginny Talamasca)

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