Monday, August 10, 2009

New skin line @ Zoza Skins

(Disclaimer: This post is photo heavy)

Zoza Paulino, a promising new skin maker of Zoza Skins, is no newcomer to SL. She is a fairly new skin maker in SL having only begun making skins in May of 2009. From her "older" skin lines to her newest skin line which she so awesomely passed over called Xhara, it's easy to see she is fast on her way to becoming a great skin designer in SL.

The new skin line Xhara (due out later today I believe) is a wonderful group of mostly hand-painted skins that have a nice natural look. The range of makeup changes consist mostly of different lip colors all the while still keeping the earth tone eye shadow. The eyebrows are a really nice feature on the skins too. They have a great shape and thickness to them and are realistic looking. She did a good job with the seams too, although, the stomach (which is problematic for most ppl) has a tiny tiny seam that is visible, but barely. It's one of those seams you have to zoom in to see and if you are that anal I shake my fist in rage at you. Hybie gives this new skin maker two very enthusiastic thumbs up.
I'll shut up now so you can have a looksie at the great skins for yourself.

Zoza Skins Xhara Skins 990L, 2600L Fatpack
Truth Gloria Chocolate Hair
Artilleri Emma Bikini Black

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