Friday, August 7, 2009

Fantastical Skin Friday!!!

That's right ladies and gentlemen I bring you skins!!!
I'm gonna throw a new skin maker at you and I'm gonna throw some free skins at you and then I'm gonna throw skins that are on sale at you. Yea..take that!

New Skin Maker YoLo Skins. They are different..they have character. I like character moreover I like inexpensive skins. YoLo's are only 400L. This is the Yolo3 Blush and it comes with light and dark brows.
Chaisuki Skins re-opens and has a small hunt. You can find 5 hearts in and around the store each containing a skin. Not to be a spoiler but most of these goodies are outside. This hunt is for a short time so hurry and find the hearts before they are gone.
And last but certainly not least, .hc&co. is having a sale on a special edition skin from the new skin line called hybrid morningafter and comes in three tones, you can get these for 250L from now until Sunday. So don't miss out.


  1. hey hybrid!
    it was nice to meet you and thanks for the kind words - i've been blogged! you were my first, you know...

    thanks again and cheers,
    yolo skins

  2. I need to check my comments more often. lol

    YW Anik!! Was my pleasure!