Wednesday, July 22, 2009

New Skins, Cheap Skins, Skins On Sale!!!

I kind of went over kill today and bought like I dunno 27 skins or something. Now, before you go holy shit intervention time. Let me explain:

First there was a sale at Chai Skins. All of the skins in the discount section are only see it's not that bad. I got 14 there or something like that. This sale is going on until Sunday I believe so get there and buy some cheap skins or forever hold your peace. Here are some of the skins I got.

Then Cupcakes sent out a notice saying they had some of their new skins from the Enchanted line in a gift bag for only 350L for one week. So of course I had to go get those. In my opinion that would have been stupid to pass up. Here's a look at those skins below.

Then Aura Falta sent me a message about a skin store I had never heard of. Apparently they were having a fat pack sale. Get a fat pack for the price of one skin. And, again, I told myself it would be stupid to pass that up if they were nice skins. Guess what? the skins rock out!! Le pinceau is where you can go for that sale and I believe it's almost over. I'm so happy I went there. The skins are really lovely, the seams are great and the lips are to die for. Here is a look at the fatpack I got called Penelope.

Get 7 Skins for 950L. They are very nice quality skins and each skin line is very different from the next. Nothing worse than new skins lines that are basically the old skin line but with just updated makeup.

Ok that's all for now <3>

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