Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Slice of Summer Hunt Finds

It's well known that I am a slacker. I fully own up to this. I'm a lazy lazy girl, so it should come at no surprise to you when I tell you I totally cheated on the Slice of Summer Hunt. It's possible I may have a folder of all the landmarks and I mostly picked out shops I've never been to before but I totally plead the 5th on that one.

Wanna see some free stuff? Of course you do. First up:

The Nerd F*cker w/ Umbra Skin by Tyranny Designs.

This gift came with the Umbra Skin in 6 different tones that all rock! I think this outfit also rocks! Any outfit that has toilet paper hanging from the shoe is ok in my book. I'm not too crazy about the skirt and the fact that it was super hard to adjust and I gave up but I'm totally wearing that top with some capris or something.
What else is shown:
Poetic Colors Slice of Summer Gift: Summer Star Eyes
Truth Ruby Hair (not free)
SavoirFaireShapes Abby Shape (not free)

Up next: *Salire* Slice of Summer White Dress.This dress really isn't my style but it's super cute. It comes with two skirt options and the prims have a resizer script in them. I've never heard of this store either but It's a cute lil japanese shop and you should check it out. What else is shown:
Liriope - YKI - Gift Blue Hair (not part of hunt)
Romi Juliesse - Romi08 Skin (not free)
SavoirFaireShapes - Abby Shape (not free)

Next: Forbidden Apple Purple Dress Gift :I love purple, the color of this dress reminds me of those markers we used to use as kids that all smelled really good. Remember the purple one? Yea, this dress reminds me of that smell. Hmm, there were some seam issues at the waist which forced me to push the prim skirt up further than it's suppose to go, but it seemed to work out ok. As you can see above you can wear this long or short. I like the long, it makes me feel like a princess....a purple princess.
What else is shown:
<Xaida> Beata Clear Skin (Free)
::69:: Happy Hair-Light Cocoa (not free)
SavoirFaireShapes- Claudia Shape (not free)

Last but not least: Y.M.X Gather Bust Top Red GiftI like this top, It's plain and simple. I'm a big fan of polka dots too. This looks good with a cute black pencil skirt or jeans. This gift also came with hibiscus earrings, isn't that something? :)
What else is shown:
Freebie Capri from SIMco
SavoirFaireShapes Sophie Shape (not free)
Cupcakes Seduction Nutmeg Group Gift Skin
Mirai Style Iseb-Dark Brown Hair (not free)

More To Come

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