Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Lolligagging at Tacky Star: New Skin Line

If you are like me, chances are you have searched the grid looking for gothic makeup only to find that most of what you encounter is, well, less than average. It's either really lame or really pastey. I'm not one for skin that looks like it's nothing but white paint...give me detail or give me cake! In most cases I'll take cake but when it comes to skin I want detail.

Aura Falta of Tacky Star has answered my prayers with her new skin line she is hoping to release next week called Lolligagger. There are six skins in this new line and each skin comes with a tattooed version and a non-tattooed version. I adore these skins, they have wonderful detail, nice shading and the makeup is very unique. I also love the lips, she doesn't paint on full lips rather she only stains them and I love how it makes them look, it gives them a lot of depth.

The skin has a nice carnivale feel to it, so if you like scratches, scars, stiches and fun makeup, this is the line for you . Also, it makes me excited for fall and seriously ready for halloween. To you I introduce Lolligagger...enjoy.

Visit Tacky Star and check out her old skin line too and excellent tattoos and eyes. Btw, her skins are super cheap, like, less than 350L cheap. Also, if you IM her the secret word "penis" she will give you a discount...and I'm seriously not kidding about that.

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