Sunday, June 21, 2009

Hair Fair: Part 3

My second day at the hair fair had a lot of ups and downs. I'll get into those later, let's look at some hair shall we??Oh Lamb how I love thee. Oh Lamb why do you forget that I have boobies? This hair called Milk (300L) makes me feel like a goddess but thank goddess it's modifiable. It comes in two pieces, one on the skull and the other on the spine. To make this hair fit I had two options. The first option was to leave the hair alone and take the size of my boobs down to literally zero. The second option was to mod the section that was attached to the spine and leave my precious boobies alone. I went for option two. I would not recommend this hair to anyone who is not comfortable with modding hair. P.S. always remember to make a copy first before modding any hair. I had to go back to POSH because I knew there would be more lovely hairs there that I wasn't able to rez yesterday and I was so correct! The hair above is called Lolli Sexy Buns in the Brunette tones and cost 200L. This is such a cute hairstyle. Once again you cannot go wrong with the hair textures at this shop they are so whispy and feminine. I can't believe I just said that. Lolli Munster makes me feel like a rockstar!! The hair above is from House of Munster and its called the Nina, which just happens to be one of my favorite names. You can purchase this for 400L and it's worth every linden. I got the Midnight + Tips which basically mean I can take my radness up at least 78%. The hair is scripted and I can change the color of the bangs, hair and hawk to whatever color I want. I love this hair so much I IMed Lolli to let her know that after purchasing this hair I immediatly shoved it up my vag for safe keepings. :) The folks over at Curio must have been plotting against me when they made the Betty Boop hairstyle above. If they made this with the intention of making me piddle a little bit then job well done guys!! I love the classic looking hair and the lil curls around the face, it makes me squeal like a school girl. You can get this hair for 200L.Curio also has a really nice gift bag with a few different hairstyles in it for men and women. The one above is the Gertrude-Vamp Blue and it also makes me piddle a little bit.
It's possible that I'm completely out of the loop most of the time. I say this because I've never heard of Raspberry Aristocrat who is the creator of the hair above. How is this possible? Are they a new hair store? Have they been around for years and I just wasn't privvy to their awesomeness? Whatever the reason, I found their booth at the hair fair and angels from above sang hallelujah when I walked in. I thought I was special for a moment until the person behind me got the same responce. The hairstyle above is called Asuka Hair in Sultry Browns and can be purchased for 200L. They also have a really nice gift bag with about a gazillion hair colors.
The Hair above is a free gift from Analog Dog. It's a really cute hair style but it does have the alpha texture clash pretty badly as you can see above, some of my prim lash is showing through the hair. But, if prim lashes aren't your thing make sure you pick up this wonderful freebie.
This hairstyle from Amacci is every girl from the 80's who hung out in a mall's wet dream!! I imagine dancers galore will flock to this place when they see this beauty. All imagry aside, I can't help but love this hair. This will go into my folder appropriately named "guilty pleasures". Want one of you own? This is called the Alice and it can be yours for 250L.

Ok, I'm tired and I don't feel like blogging anymore, hopefull the bad stuff I had to report will be fixed and I can say nice things. I doubt this is going to happen though grrr.

Stay Tuned for Hair Fair: Part 4

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