Monday, June 22, 2009

Freebies @ The Hair Fair 2009 Part One

More Hair!!!!! Yay! Today we focus on the free and fabulous!
First up......Tekeli-Li come on down!
This aquatic wonder is from Tekeli-Li and its called the Nixie. This is a free gift you can pick up at the hair fair. I think this style is very interesting and this is also a store that I've never heard of. I'm holding on to this landmark so I can see all of the other creative styles they may have. From what I can tell from some of the other hair styles, it looks as though their hair is creature/mermaid inspired. Good times!Next we have this cute style from Curious Kitties called Cherry Bob. It has lil cherries hanging on the band. Pick up this freebie at the hair fair too.I immediately said "what the fuck?!" when I put this hair on for the first time. This is a freebie from Tiny Bird and its called the Velma. Reminds me of one of those shaggy dogs that have barrels around their necks or one of those hair dryers you sit under at a hair salon.
Boom! A wetdream for every women who roleplays as a vampire right here! This freebie is from Dead Kitties and its called Dungeon Mistress. See?! Told ya!
Ah Maitreya you are so good to us. We love you and your awesome freebies from the hair fair. We bow to you and your fantastic textures and we wonder if you will bare our pixel children. Seriously, get this freebie it's called Apple.
Philotic Energy brings us this Hair Fair freebie called Jessica. It's cute and mod which is nice cause I'm down for changing the color of the head band. I think it's pretty obvious I'm flipping tired I'm at a lose for words today but I'll post a few more. If you've never been to Ingenue smack yourself in the head and get your lazy asses their to buy all the awesome hair. It's really cheap. I don't think any of the hairs other than the fatpacks are over 100L. The one above is a Hair Fair freebie (duh) and it's called cerulean. It comes in like 15 different colors but I chose to show the blue because let's be honest, there isn't enough cool blue hair in the world. This hair from Fadeless makes me feel like a gangster and I can't wait to pair it up with a sexy suit where my bewbs hang halfway out. You know what I'm talking about. Anyways, this freebie is called Mia which just happens to be the same name of the shape I'm wearing. Coincidence? I think not!
Ok kiddos, Hybie is wore out, she laid on the beach today and got some much needed sun. you say being lazy I say Vitamin D synthesis time.
Til next time....
<3 Hybie

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