Saturday, June 20, 2009

Hair Fair: Part 2

Now that SL is back up and running (for now) I can continue with the goodies from the Hair Fair .
Die with me over this gorgeous hair from Beauty Avatar (Above), this is the Kiana in Browns. I'm a sucker for shaggy bangs and the textures on this hair are so velvety. Yes, velvety. Pick it up for only 250L. So, if you are like me and have never been to Baskin Bobbins you must go there now. I laughed out loud when I saw the name of the booth and ragged (ran/lagged) as fast as I could to get inside of it. It had some very interesting and different hairs, the one I'm wearing above is a FREE gift and it's called Baggy Dufflepuff Beret. I'm so gonna rock this hair all the time!
I always say you can never own too many bobs. Just ask the Price is Right, I seriously believe they kept that man in cryo every night, moving on. The cute bob above is from Miau Hause it's called Valen. For only 175L you get a pack of 3 different sizes with 4 colors, this one is the Black Pack. Kinda like the Brat Pack but less Molly Ringwald.The hair shown above was kind of a surprise when I unpacked it and put it on. I did infact purchase hair from the Honey Hair booth but it was not this hair. Meh, it's okay, it's cute enough. This one is called Juniper (NOT Gypsy) which is the box it sits in. And it can be purchased for 300L.

This outfit is a freebie at the fair and it's too adorable. This is like the perfect summer dress. This is some shit I would totally beach out in (if i beached out). It's from MIU and called the baremaxidress. Appropriate don't you think? It's comfy enough for anyone's time of the month.

Well, that's all the hair I have for you today from the fair, but rest assured I will be returning again at midnight to check out the other areas I wasn't able to hit today.

Oh yea....

Skin in both Hair Fair Blogs is: Lara Skins Rachel (Freebie)

The cute ass tattoo on Hybie's chest is from Aura F'n Falta of Tacky Star (not released to public yet).

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