Saturday, June 20, 2009

Hair Fair: Part 1

Zomg! I got screwed by the lag monster and I didn't even get a steak dinner first! Well, that's kind of not true, I got hair, lots and lots of hair!

I started my journey early this morning around 1:30am SLT. I thought I would beat the rush, boy was I wrong. After about a half an hour I finally got in. Managed to get some demos, nothing was loading of course. Ah shit, to make a long story short I grabbed up a bunch of demos and bought what awesome hair I could. Here is some of the fantasical free and not so free hairs I got on my first day at the Hair Fair. POSH ~Barbie Beatdown 200L (above). I love this hair, it comes with a resizer script which is nice cause it needed a few adjustments on the top of the head. Fantastic hair, I love it and feel it will be in the rotation of regular hairs I wear.POSH Maylee Scene Girl (Fair Gift Free). A nice gift bag from POSH, came with 6 different hair colors in this style above. The bag also contains cute tops and booty shorts (if booty shorts are your thing). It was love at first site when I saw this hair at the Wasabi Pills booth. This is the Ailith Hair (Above)(200L) and I cannot wait to take fun pictures in this. To top it off, if fit on my head right out of the box. This Hair Fair Freebie (above) is from Diversity it's called the Delilah-Nutty Brown. This isn't normally a hair I would wear and I'm not sure how I feel about the hair sitting so low on the forehead, but I posted it anyways because I like the style of it and the textures are very pretty. It's girly and makes me wanna throw on a frilly dress. There isn't much that makes me wanna wear frill so highfive! The giftbag also has 12 skins in it too. So make sure you pick up this nice gift bag from Diversity .

If hair went to hair heaven after it died, this is the hair that would greet them at the gate's of heaven. When I first saw the hair above posted on plurk it made me scream "thank you jebus!" It's from Clawtooth by Clawtooth and it cost 300L but I would pay so much more. It's called GoodBye Horses.

I'll have to post more later on this evening because it seems SL has crashed once again. :(

Until we meet again and remember it's ok to walk around half naked and bald at the hair fair, actually you might get slapped if you are in anything fancy. So, take it off baby!!

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