Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Will The Real V2.0 Users Please Stand up?!

No, seriously, stand up because I can't find you.

 I'm not gonna say a lot about the issue here, I think the pictures more than speak for themselves. I *will* say that I went to places that have a lot of ppl and that are known for having new users.

(click on the pictures to enlarge and see data more clearly)

Hey....2.0 users....are you @ Fantasy Faire?

You @ Laqroki?

You @ Element?
ehh not really

You @ Sanctuary Rock?

You @ BareRose?

You @ Escort Oasis?
pfft even the pervs love 3rd party viewers.

You @ Freebies World?
oh haaiii there you are!!! Freebies yay!

You @ Help Island Public?
Kinda...but the odds are against ya.

You @ ADN Designs?
barely...this is depressing.

Surely you are at KMADD!!
*sigh* nope

You in Iveys Sn@tch (the bestest snatch ever I might add)
NO?!?! WTF NOT?!?!

I'm just gonna let this marinate for a few......
to be continued.


  1. Maybe I'm out of touch, but I don't know any of the places you searched for Viewer 2 users.

    I do use Viewer 2, though. :P
    I get that people have gripes, but the combo I use is absolutely and without doubt the best set-up for me. YMMV.

    Personally I think we're just not a very vocal segment of the userbase. I for one am happy to continue enjoying my SL without male-pelvis-attachment-measurement. I personally don't comment on SLogs, because there's really nothing especially good to read in them, and much less worth commenting on.

    Resident for 4.5 years, with RL certifications in UI design.

  2. Whoops! I know Bare Rose. :D
    Didn't see it with the weird set-up you've got going here.

    Now to preview my post like four times...

    (The perils of usability, huh?)

  3. There's a box in Imprudence you can check to not broadcast which viewer you use. When not broadcasting, it shows up as 2.0 on scanners. So, some of those 2.0s you found are probably not 2.0s.

  4. Freya I'm surprised you don't know most of these places, most have been around for years. Sn@tch, Kmadd, Sanctuary Rock, The element, hell half can be found in The Destination Guide.

    I'm not gonna argue usability, clearly there are folks who love 2.0. I'm simply just trying to FIND those ppl. It would seem though, that everywhere I go...the majority of users are using 3rd party....so does this mean the majority have shitty taste or is the kitchen really just serving shitty chicken sandwiches?

  5. I had a really good reply, but it failed to authenticate my Google ID and it killed it. If the mood strikes again I'll see what I can do.

    As a summary, neither side is 'right' and neither side is 'wrong'. One persons Swiss Army Knife is anothers Rubicks Cube.

  6. sure but from a business perspective if 80% of your customer base is eating the pastrami...you wouldn't take it off the menu. Like I said and I don't know why people keep bringing it up or feel they need to defend why they like 2.0. I could care less really, I'm only pointing out that the majority of users I've seen so far..and believe me when I say I "get around" use a 3rd party viewer.

  7. that was the whole point of this post...where for out thou 2.0 users.