Saturday, April 24, 2010

Lots of goodies @ Tribal Soul Designs

If you haven't been by the Fantasy Faire yet you should hurry and do that and make sure to stop by Tribal Soul designs too. They have a ton of new skins to choose from ranging from fantasy skins to your everyday makeups. If you aren't able to make it to the faire before it closes, no worries, you can get all the goodies at their Tribal Soul Designs store too!
Below I'm modeling their new skins called Season 1 and they come with many options like different brow colors and freckles. These are very well made skins with really nice eye shadowing. I'm also wearing their new sculpted hair called Gwen in charcoal, blonde and auburn under their brand name Secrets Hair.
Season 1 Skin
Season 1 Dark Make 1 & 2
Season 1 Dark Make 3 & 4
Season 1 Blonde Make 1 & 2
Season 1 Blonde Make 3 & 4
Season 1 Red Make 1-Freckle & 2-Freckle
Season 1 Red Make 3 & 4-Freckle

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