Saturday, October 3, 2009

Radiant Bliss Bazar

If you are like me then you are seriously over the whole "Mall" thing. I think SL has WAY too many Malls. I love shopping with scenery. Themed sims are the best.

Tasty Hax of Radiant Bliss Music Project has been DJing (no she doesn't push a button and play Nickle Back) in SL for a long time now. She has always had a nice place for dancing and Djing.
Recently she added a little shopping village to her area. It's very cute and tranquil. You'll find shops like Sugary, Weather or Not, Level 56, Eschia Nar'te, I Love Olive, Dollita, X*PLA and many more.
Your purchases support new and up and coming Designers, Artists, and Musicians! This community project is also home to 3 electronic music venues where interesting and creative people mingle, chat and chill. Bring your camera, it's an amazing view here! Check out Radiant Bliss Bazar today!

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