Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tacky Star 1 Idiot Shopper 0

This isn't a normal post but it was too epic to keep to myself.

About ohh I'd say 6 months ago I was joking with Aura Falta of Tacky Star telling her that if you add the words "Couture", "Runway" or "Limited Edition" in front of the item you are selling, someone will eventually buy it regardless of how much it cost. I love it when I am right.

Aura decided she was going to make an eye and charge 50US dollars for it. That's over 12,000L.

She made...

Yesterday she logged in and noticed that her linden amount had went up almost 13k. Since she sales eyes and skins that are very cheap she wondered wtf could it be?! She checked her transaction history and low and behold for the first time ever some idiot had actually purchased the eye!!!!

All I have to say!?! Do you love Green Eggs and Ham Eyes? We think you are an alt...please come forward whoever you are so we can continue with public mockery!

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