Sunday, September 6, 2009

Gemini released @ Zoza Skins

Zoza Skins released a new skin line this week called Gemini. You'll remember last month I covered their new released called Xhara and I think this new line shows how quickly Zoza Paulino is improving her skin making skills.
I like the lips on this skin they are much better than the last, although the corner of the lips has much depth, which I like, I think it could be a bit dark for some ppl's taste. My eyes seem to be drawn to them first before anything else, if that makes any sense. The seams on this line are perfect and totally not visible, unlike the last line where you could see some of the seam on the belly this is pretty much perfect.
Zoza became more daring with her make up choices on this line too, giving more eye shadow styles and color choices. I think they are really lovely and they still all feel really natural which, I believe, is her mission.
All in all this is a really nice line of new skins for Zoza Skins, and I think with each new line she puts out they are just going to get better and better. I'm loving that I stumbled into this skin store and get to see her work develop. It's so interesting. Have a look at the new line for yourself.

Also, there are about 6 Lucky Chairs at Zoza Skins, so go there and maybe win a Zoza Skin.

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