Saturday, September 5, 2009

FakE out with me

I love it when I have my draw distance set at just the right setting that I can still kinda see stores in the distance. I found a store called FakE like this today while I was browsing in another store. They had some barrier up making it look as though it was under construction but these things do not stop me. I went in and looked around and saw some pretty cute ass clothes. Here's what I bought:
Pic 1: FakE Meow Top in Rose - 100L & FakE Meow Pants in Sailor Blue - 100L.
Pic 2: FakE Meow Top in Yellow - 100L & FakE Meow Pants in Happy White - 100L.
Button on tops and bottoms are prim and this outfit comes in a couple other colors too. SUPER CUTE!

Also wearing:
Defectiva Poof Tail Blk Hair
Imagen Irene-Esta-Humo Skin (lucky chair)

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