Sunday, August 2, 2009

Yay! New Hair From IrEn!!!!

I love hair. It's one of my favorite things to find in SL besides skins. I especially love finding unique hair styles. I was roaming the grid checking out shops I've never been into before when I stumbled upon ::::IrEn::::. Seemed like a nice store with lots of goodies inside so I had a look and to my surprise they had hair!!! Very nice hair to be exact. Here is the awesome style I got, I think I might be developing a thing for hats. It could just be my longing for fall.
I purchased the new release Paris in Blacks w/ red tips and blonde tips. Shown is the Black Hair Style (no tips) and the variations in the recoloring script you will find.

This is totally going to be my favorite hair of the week!! You too can get this lovely hair style from ::::IrEn:::: for only 300L.

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