Friday, August 28, 2009

watch this, you're gonna love my nuts...slapchop!

Another episode of Hybie bought an outfit and hair and she will never take it off....ever!

I headed to Modern Gypsy to have a look around and found some really awesome runway hair and a super fab outfit!! Runway hair is starting to steal my heart. I'm digging the insane updos, I think I'm just really bored with the run of mill styles that are coming out lately. Everything looks the freakin same...yo.
Modern Gypsy Belle Noir Hiver (350L New Release)
Modern Gypsy Labieja Paulette noir Hair (150L)
Tyranny Sweet Austine Tone 5 Poppy (50L Friday)
Savoir Faire Shapes Olivia Shape (500L)

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