Saturday, July 4, 2009

Who has the cutest summer dress?!?

I DO!!! That's right be jealous. I dun wondered into a store called
Cover Girl and saw the cutest new dress there and had to have it.
(PS. excuse the graphics, my comp is still a little wonky so I have to lower the graphics setting on the card in order to not over heat in 3-d mode)
This adorable hippy style summer dress from Cover Girl is called Vanessa in blue. It also comes in violet. It comes with many prim attachments all that have a resizing script and yay for that because I needed to make some adjustments. This pretty dress can be yours for the wonderful price of only 285L. Also, take a walk around the sim because there are a lot of other really cute japanese stores. *sighs* I love japanese stores.

In the spirit of Independence Day here in the United States many vendors have been giving out cute stars and stripes gifts in DNS. I received this cute two piece bikini from Enraptured Eventide which is called Independence Star Bikini Set.
I had never heard of Enraptured Eventide before they sent this gift out. I really like this bikini and I'm curious to see what else they have. It's a cute bikini wouldn't you agree? (Ps. how cute is mah belly button?!)

It's been said that Hybie (that's me) has the best lucky chair luck in all of SL. I couldn't agree more. It's odd, almost anywhere I go there is H or ? on a lucky chair. Today was no different at MNK*Shop where I won these cute capri pants called Cosmo. I think the pink set is exclusive to the lucky chair but these are actually sold in the store. I'm a bad blogger I forgot to see how much they were, but I'm sure they're not a lot. They come with 2 different cuff attachments and a frilly attachment on the hips. I decided to not wear the frilly attachement for the hips because even though they are mod they were pretty difficult to adjust and I just don't have that kind of patience. Check this shop out fo sho!! Soooo many cute outfits here. Again....I love japanese shops.

Hey Hybie where is that killer hair from?

The fantastical hair I'm wearing is from a store called Karma. This style is called Diva and you get 4 hues of one color for only 250L. It's copy/Mod hair but luckily for me it fit right out of the box. I will be hitting this store again for more hair because there were so many lovely styles there. The textures are nice and the creator dabbles in sculptie hair too. I love it when I stumble upon hair store I've never been in before. I wonder how I manage to miss them. I live to explore.

Love, Hybie

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