Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Freckles and Fun Eyeshadow and Freebies Oh MY!

Cute Freebie Alert! Cute Skin Alert! New Skin Line Alert! Calling all Cars! Calling all Cars!

I was introduced to a shop I've never been into before called Dingleberry tonight. It's a lovely store with a variety of items, specifically SKINS!

All I can say is adorable. At the mainstore you will find 4 boxes full of freebies. In one you will find free skins that used to be a gift to group members only but now it's available to everyone.

First I'll show you the skin I purchased. The skins at Dingleberry are really cheap only 450L so I couldn't pass it up. Here is the skin I got.

This one is called Gold Fish in Fair. It comes with a freckles and no freckle version for only 450L. They are really cute skins and you just can't beat the price with a stick. The only thing I can say is that there seems to be a lot of skin between the upper lip and the nose so it elongates the face. I balanced this out by wearing my Paige shape which has a slightly rounder face. Above is the freebie skin you will find. It's called Cookie Monster and #2 pic is the freckle version and #3 is the non freckle version both in the pale tone. It also comes with a light tone which is a shade darker.

Dingleberry is coming out with a new skin line soon and I can't wait to get it!! Here are the ads that were sent out from Freya Sinister.

I love fun makeup!!! I can't wait for this release!!

Dingleberry Gold Fish Skin 450L

Dingleberry Cookie Monster Skin 0L

Savoir Faire Shapes Paige Shape 500L

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