Thursday, June 18, 2009


Hybie couldn't wait to get back to the states. She had been in Australia for 3 weeks trying to find some answers to one of the universe's most important question.......where in the world is Carmen San Diego?

Unfortunately her trip took an unexpected turn when the plane hit turbulance and went down.
Hybie woke up unsure of where she was, what had happened and where the hell the other 47 passengers were. She was alone, left to to explore an eerie island full of mystery and wonder. Things were not easy for her in the first few minutes. She encountered many things like Polar Bears...and was constantly stalked by this large black smoke monster who wouldnt let her tinkle in private...
After finally escaping from danger and making her way out of the jungle, she found the beach and more!!! Where the hell did these tents come from?!!?
Hybie had a look around, she saw tents, wreckage, food in cans with some strange Dharma logo on it but most importantly she found luggage! Yes, Hybie was so excited to change out of her cute dress and into something more comfy. She also thought a swim in the ocean would make for a nice bath and to her surprise she found the cutest swimsuit and headed into the water.
After a nice splash in the water Hybie was ready to find a spot and sleep. She needed rest for the next day when she was going to try to figure out how to get off that damn island. Say goodnight Hybie :)

What was Hybie wearing when the plane crashed?
~Silent Sparrow~ Selador (225L)

Fashion Nomads DSN Gift Stiletto Black (free)
Glance Adriana V2 skin (Free hunt Gift)
Novocaine Tayanna Smoke (50L)
Savoir Faire Shapes Nadia Shape (500L)

What cute ass swimsuit is that and where can you find it?
Twosome Retrospection Swimsuit Blue (100L)

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