Monday, January 10, 2011


Wow, well it only took LL 7 months but apparently that whole fiasco dealing with the false AR against myself last July has been resolved. Hybrid Ansar has been unbanned. I'm not really sure what to do with myself. I have a whole new avatar and a well organized inventory now lol. At least I can transfer the money they were holding over to my new account.
Anyways this is what they said "Our investigation shows that the closure of your account was applied in error; we sincerely apologize for the mistake."

Gee thanks,
better late than never I suppose.

PS. for those of you who doubted my innocence and claimed the lab never gets it wrong....
guess you can stick this up your "you are wrong" pipe n smoke it!

With love,


  1. ~ Hybrid ~

    ~ Welcome Back ~

    Glad it's all been resolved :-)

  2. Hi there.. I've been in the very simmilar situation.

    My main account its on hold since december... I filled a ticket and received from LL that my account was on hold because I had close link with someone that boke the TOS rules.. so I've been on hold because someone else, not me, messsed it up.

    LL asked to me send ID prrof , what I did.. and until now.. absolutelly nothing.

    I hope it dont take 7 months -.-'