Tuesday, July 27, 2010

To my customers

If you haven't already heard, my account Hybrid Ansar has been banned due to someone falsely accusing me of violating the TOS. I'm certain that this is a revenge plot because an associate of mine was also banned last week. She and I had confronted a girl about botting and my associate filed a DMCA against this girl. We believe she and possibly her friends filed AR's against us in a cruel act of revenge.
I have sent in my appeal letter and I await a reply. I hope for the sake of my 3 businesses and sim I've had for 2 yrs that this is resolved quickly. If I do not get my main account back, I will probably not reopen Savoir Faire Shapes, tendrils and Not Too Shabby.
If anyone has any questions feel free to leave a message here on my blog.



  1. Hybie, that's so unfair and I hope it gets resolved quickly!

    Val (Lanie Recreant)

  2. That sucks! I hope it gets sorted - and quickly. all the best. xx

  3. ty it's basically the waiting game at this point.

  4. So far, you and Ikaru went down from this one person/group of persons; another person (likely unrelated, but the timing is insane) got Azriel Demain kicked out of SL for a week.

    My gods, who's next?

  5. Hard telling, it appears no one is safe. It's been 3 days and I haven't heard a thing on my appeal. Let the phone calls begin.

  6. I had this happen to me once, LOL, and no it was not anyone in fashion, ha. There policy is basically guilty till proven innocent which I kind of get cause in a Virtual World harassment is only an IM away. Basically what they will do is review your chat logs, where you TP'd etc and once they determine the accusation is false you should be reinstated and the incident wiped clean from your "record".

    In my case I was accused of going to a sim I hadn't been in oh gosh 6 months and contacting someone I hadn't talked to in oh 3 months (Her first name is Tasty and the last name starts with an H, LOL) In the end I got my account back in I think less than 48 hours and received an apology letter for the report. From what I understand the offending person didn't log in for a few days aftwards:). I hope all works out and if you need any advice, email me.

  7. still waiting on a reply. :(

  8. Apparently they've moved the ticket to the appropriate department. That only took a week. *sigh*