Friday, April 16, 2010

Grand Larceny!!!!!!

I realize I blog Violent Seduction a lot and I would apologize but...I don't give a crap!

Another FINE piece from Violent Seduction called Larceny, it comes in 5 different colors, each one costing you 500L or buy the whole damn fatpack for 2K. That's right, go nuts! The outfit comes with two different skirt sizes, one regular and one shorter. Three different corsets to choose from as well if you feel like showing some boobage you can! You get the shoes and spats too! Spats! Here are some pics.

Violent Seduction Larceny in Sea, Rose and Fawn 500L
Hair from Rotten Toe and Dilly Dolls
Skin from: Envious Creations Barbie Nude 299L.

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