Monday, March 15, 2010

Coming Soon- Photon Skins

Here is a sneak peak of the new skins that will be available at Photon. Photon was once Le Pinceau but it has rebranded and they are FINALLY reopening some time this week. I wasn't given a specific date but was told sometime this week. I'm very excited, I loved their older skins and the new ones are just as promising.

This first skin is called Photon  Liliana - Skin - Fair - 05. It has a more youthful look and a nice soft body.

The next skin is called Photon Caroline - Skin - Almond - 01 and is a more mature skin, they've added
some age lines in there for a more distinct mature look. It's hard to find nice mature looking skins in SL
so this is refreshing to see.

The pricing structure is going to be amazing. According to Brianna, they are going to sell everything as a fat pack and you'll prolly be paying less than 1000L for all the makeups. hi5!
Can't beat that with a stick.

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