Thursday, February 25, 2010

Adam and Eve brings you Sexy 2.0 Style!

Ok, I'm not a shoe whore or anything like some of you are, but when I saw these boots (after a few minor viewer glitches and other confusing emerald issues) I knew I had to have them! And have them I DO!

They are called Adam n Eve Sleek Boot and they are designed for the new 2.0 viewer. Fear not I say!! As long as you are wearing the boots in 2.0 they will look just fine to anyone who isn't using 2.0. Keep in mind that you DO have to be in 2.0 to wear them properly but not to see them properly. Does that make sense? If not, how they look in the picture is from 2.0 and they look just the same in Emerald (as long as you are wearing them in 2.0). Get it? Got it? Good!

Moving on! You can get a pair of these sexy boots for yourself @ Adam & Eve for only 650L. Well worth it I say to not have those icky invisiprims stuck on ya!!

Drool baby! Rawr!

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