Friday, January 22, 2010

Patience is a virtue

Corsets are a wonderful thing. I love them! I've made a few corset specific shapes at my shop Savoir Faire Shapes. I make corset shapes for ppl who want them at a very affordable price. They pass me their shape and I make a corset version for them. It's good times. For those who don't want to go that route, you can always buy prim corsets (if you want a realistic corset look). They are not for the impatient and for those who dont want to tweek their shape a bit. You always have to play with the prims to make sure that they are covering exposed body parts that shouldn't be. On that note:

For a limited time you can purchase a wonderful prim corset outfit from Blue Blood on xstreet for only 29L!!
Go here:
Like I said, if you are not a patient tweeker than this prolly isn't for you. But give it a shot!!! They make for excellent pictures!! Very dramatic effect! Have a look!

Savoir Faire Shapes Bella Hour Glass Corset Shape 500L
Blue Blood Wasp PINK  29L xstreet
Curl Up & Die Salon Antoinette Deep Black Hair
Nuuna's Skins Pale Eyeliner Free

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