Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hybie: Past & Present Blogger Challenge!

Sophia Harlow over @ challenged us bloggers to post our noobie selves and our present selves and compare. Luckily, I still have all of my noobie stuff.
Most of the things I'm wearing are free but there are a couple things I purchased for like 50L or something like that. Back then I made most of my money by hanging at clubs and entering contest. I was too impatient to camp.

Hybie circa July 2008 (1 month old):

[Twisted] Skin Makeup Light 09 from the Freebie Unlimited.
Lushh Punk'd Outfit from Lushh Punk'd 60L (don't think it's even around anymore)
Ingenue ~ Kitten with a Whip Hair (I think it was on sale or free)
Original Hybie Shape (I wore this for about 7 months)
Goth1c0 Peircings (gifted to me from a friend)

Today I don't have a specific look or a specific shape. I change my avatar everyday. It's just too much fun to change. But here are a few looks you can see me sporting from time to time nowadays:

Pic 1: Skin from Dutch Touch, Shape From SavoirFaireShapes (Gwen), Outfit From Free Speerit & Hair from Kin.
Pic 2: Skin from Exodi, Shape From SavoirFaireShapes (Mia), Outfit From Violent Seduction and Hair from Lamb.


  1. Forget the noob pic...holy crap..that third picture is pure gorgeous.

    Thank you so much for playing along!


  2. You were a beautiful noob! All your pictures are lovely.

  3. awww thanks guys <3 It was so much fun too, I'm glad I held on to my noobie stuff, you just never KNOW when you might need it ;P