Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My picks for Hottest Male Avatar 2009

My Semi Finalist Picks.

I ended up picking 10 guys from the list. (pure coincidence)

I chose based on originality, cuteness (of course) and some personality things I found in their descriptions, groups and picks.

I didn't choose ppl with no pictures in their profiles and I did look for them in all sections of the profile. I didn't choose anyone noobed out or female avatars. I didn't chose guys who looked just like everyone else and I didnt chose (with the exception of a couple) overly buff males. I also don't like long hair.

OKAY!! Here they are in no particular order (except alphabetized):

Carson Koenkamp

Galliano Boucher

Izzy Bereznyak

Jago Constantine

Kaz Nayar

Mikalis Karas

Riq Graves

Sabbian Paine

ssmariner Flossberg

Trace Osterham

And there you have it! Good Times and Good luck to the ppl who actually make it to the semi-finals!