Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Mer Betta (elegant mermaid ensembles)

I'm not what you would call any type of roleplayer. I usually avoid most RP sims like the plague. If I was to make one exception to the rule it would be to become a mermaid. It's brings out the girly girl in me and all I want to do is wear pretty things and explore shiny underwater sims.

I believe I have found the mermaid outfit to make that come true. For the past two days I've been exploring mer sims and mer shops. I found some of the best mer outfits from a small shop called Mer Betta.
I chose the ensemble Mer Betta Melite Turquoise Halfmoon. This comes with:
tail and fins
- a flexi tail with sculpted prim and preloaded with the SkimSurfaceSimple script (L lower leg)
- 2 leg fins (R lower leg, R upper leg)
- 2 arm fin (L upper arm, R upper arm)
* classic bottoms with enhanced scales
- classic socks for the scales
- classic underpants for the scales
- sculpted leg smoother (L upper leg; goes between the thighs)
* four styles of tops (undershirts for the breast covering) and two styles of chest fins (aka "boob fins"; chest)
- classic (covers the breasts completely) with larger boob fins
- peekaboo (slightly see-thru; very subtle difference from the classic style)
- pasties (smaller versions of the classic style) with smaller boob fins
- bare chest (no breast covering; only arm scales)
* SkimSurfaceSimple script that you can add to other tails as long as they're modifiable
* sculpted starfish - a free gift from Mer Betta

I absolutely love this ensemble, it's elegant, flowy and the textures are to die for. Very well made piece.

Mer Betta Melite Turquoise Halfmoon 650L.

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