Saturday, December 12, 2009

Hybie buys awesome cyberpunk hair and lives to blog about it!

So, I totally love the cyber punk look but i've never gotten into it myself. I'm kind of lazy when it comes to new fashion. Sorta.

Anywho, I was perving ppl at this club and saw a chick with the most fantastical hair ever! Of course, I inspect it, get the creator's profile and go there faster than a pussy cat.

Well shit Hybie who is it? Ok fine I'l tell you! Go to
Mirror Hair at the Cyber Bunker to find rad cyberpunk hair styles.

The one I'm wearing below is called MIRROR C14 / Cyber Light (White - Grey) (R with C) and it cost 550L. Yea it seems a little much to pay for hair but it's so worth it. It comes with a nice color changing hud and you can change certain aspects to the hair. Side Note: not all the hair there cost this much.


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