Thursday, November 26, 2009

Grandmas Turkey Day Drunk Rant!

It's Grandma here with her Turkey Day Drunk Rant.

Today I'll be discussing anti-inspection shields and those who wear them.

If you wear one first you suck and secondly you look like you're hiding something. You look like you are covering up copybotted items. Luckily there is a lovely feature in the emerald viewer which allows us to de-render prims, making it oh so easy for Grandmas everywhere to see what your lame ass is wearing. *burp*

Normally what happens, is someone takes a pic of the copybotted items you are wearing, tells everyone your name in blogs and plurk and then most of us ban your sorry asses from our stores and sims.

Moral of the story. Copybotting is lame and you disappoint Grandmas everywhere.

Remember, What would Grandma Do? I'll tell ya, she bans your ass!


Baiastice Grandma Pretty&Young
Pig Knee Sock Mit Suspenders

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