Wednesday, October 28, 2009

J&M Creations-Fun Fall Fashions

Have you been by JandM Creations lately? If you haven't you should. You'll find almost anything and everything you need there like scripts, shoes, skins, clothes, gadgets and lots more.

Jada sent over some lovely items to blog about including 3 great skins (shown below) including the Jada Humby Couture Glam Skin *Irina*, *Mona Lisa* and *Naomi*.
All very well made skins. With each skin line you purchase you get the skin, a shape, facelight, lashes and eyes.
Irina: 900L

Mona Lisa: 900L

Naomi: 900L

Shown below are the three shapes you recieve with the skins:

Lots of skins to choose from so if you are looking for a very nice skin, I suggest hitting this place up.
If you are looking for some nice fall/winter clothing check out the pics below to see some great fall fashion.

The outfit above is called *Maria* and as you can see it's very versatile. You get everything you see pictured except the hair and boots. This outfit is very fun and looks great on a dance floor.

Another cute fall outfit I'll throw in for good measure is called *Britney* 1000L.
You get everything shown in the picture except the hair. It's seriously adorable, it makes me want to go hang out at a ski lodge.

Swing by J&M Creations and check out all the great styles HERE. You won't be disappointed.

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