Sunday, October 25, 2009

Giving Props!

Today, I wanna talk about a skin store that totally doesn't get enough props.

The store I'm gonna talk about today may not be for everyone, most of their skins are photorealistic and I know some of you really enjoy hand painted skins. I'll get to those another day but for today let's talk about SKINHOUSE by Vassnia.

Seems they've been around a while and I've had the pleasure of purchasing some of their older skins and their newer ones. The concepts are the same, extremely real looking skins and highly detailed bodies. The faces on previous skin lines seemed to have a similiar look but recently the faces are starting to change a bit and I'm loving it. Have a look at a recent purchase of mine from

If I had any gripe about the store it would be that on some of the skins you don't get tone choices like the one shown above called Kashmir Ava. You DO get a lot of makeup choices though and that's nice.

So, if you are looking for some very nice skins. Check out SKINHOUSE by Vassnia.

Skin- Kashmir Ava:  990L

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